Letter: Richland school superintendent controversy seems like gossip

January 22, 2013 

I second Joe Guyette's letter in the Jan. 2 Herald. If Richland School Superintendent Jim Busey has violated the law or his contract, then he should be fired, not paid off.

If the board chooses to waste $400,000 to remove Busey, then I question its judgment. And if Busey has merely shown poor personal judgment, then the Herald needs to stop participating in public gossip.

Board President Rick Jansons has responded appropriately, confirming the facts without divulging personal information or speculating. Superintendent Busey should be following suit. However, I can forgive him for sharing too much with the Herald. He's the one who has been publicly embarrassed.

Far too much of this "news" story reads like trial by gossip to me. Who originally informed the Herald, and what was their motive? Why did the Herald find it necessary to reveal that the other party works at Jefferson? Why did a reporter query a parent? Why did the school board take a month to place Busey on administrative leave?

If a sound case for dismissal cannot be established in a reasonable time, close it and reinstate Busey so he can get back to the work we're him paying for.


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