Letter: Government proposals to tax mileage and regulate guns go too far

January 20, 2013 

Imagine my surprise when I read that our wonderful Democratic-controlled state was considering charging a tax on the mileage we drive! The liberals/progressives never seem to consider where we are spending too much money, only where can we rob the American people of more of their hard-earned bucks!

Secondly, as with the rest of America, I grieve for any who lose their lives to violence, especially if they are children. And once again the left gun haters are using the horrendous school shooting to raise a shrill cry to rid Americans of the right to bear arms. Make no mistake President Obama is bound to do just that. Legal gun owners who would be bound by these phony regulations are not now nor have they ever been the problem. Additionally, criminals will never abide by these laws, which will only disarm citizens legally able to own them. And if you think for one moment that the police (however excellent) can protect you, you are foolishly kidding yourself. How important is the protection of your family and or property?

Lastly, how ironic this president wants your guns but federal agents shipped thousands of guns to drug lords who killed hundreds of innocents!


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