Letter: Too many unknows surround Washington proposal for mileage tax t

January 20, 2013 

So the state is losing money (translation -- not getting as much as it expected) without another transportation tax. Is this mileage tax just going to affect the resident users or are they going to hang a GPS on every vehicle passing through, then read the numbers when that vehicle leaves the state? Who is going to pay for these GPS thingies? Who is going to read the numbers and what support equipment and warm bodies will it take to support that? What a can of worms! Go fish.

I have a suggestion that's guaranteed to save massive bucks. Decrease the width of all those stupid lines on the roadways by half and save millions in paint costs. If a person can't see a two inch line, they probably can't see a four inch one either. How much money does the state waste painting these lines all over the place that sometimes make no sense whatsoever? Don't even mention the width of the stop lines and crosswalks. Judging by the smell of that stuff, Earth's ozone layer must be screaming for mercy.

And stop building those knee-jerk roundabouts on the major thoroughfares like the one leaving Kennewick. What a mess that is!

LARRY WHEAT, Kennewick

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