Letter: Walla Walla school bond should lead to citizens' group

January 20, 2013 

First and foremost, I'm not against the students getting a good school or better classrooms for the teachers.

Here's the problem:

The $48 million bond is an estimate, not a fact of cost. The dreamers thought that up. The amount has not received a bid from contractors, cost of an architectural design or any other set amount according to the fact sheet they sent in the mail.

They're selling you something that has no actual price tag for the project.

Also, why all the fancy landscape and extremes on the inside? That only helps make the school board and superintendent look good. Do the building for the students, not the school board or the administration to boast about.

Next the school board will ask for several million dollars for Lincoln High to be remodeled or a new school built, increasing taxes even more.

Answer to problems: Get a citizens' group together that cares about the students only.

When the bond passes, the citizens' group keep close account of how and where that money is spent, not siphoned off for something besides the building.


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