'Should teachers be armed?' Fast Focus: Protecting our young

January 20, 2013 

It is my understanding that in Israel, the teachers are armed. And they have guns with a sling attached to them. Wherever they go, the gun goes with them. According to the P.T.A., having teachers or armed guards would make the children afraid. Knowing that some deranged individual could burst through the door at any time and start killing them wouldn't make them afraid?

Why don't we post more signs everywhere in America that says "gun-free zone" and let's take notice of how the crazies obey them. It says to them, come on in and kill all you want. No one will oppose you.

Parents all over America place their children in the hands of teachers and since people and times have changed, then they should be required to be armed to protect themselves and those under their care.

-- JOHN FAULKNER, Richland

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