'Should teachers be armed?' Fast Focus: What are our choices?

January 20, 2013 

Gun control was done from approximately 1994-2004 and made so little difference it was not considered for renewal.

Professional security at our schools would be a good idea but the length of the day (considering activities) and the size of the buildings would require large numbers of people and cost.

Our property, banks, celebrities, politicians and courts are all carefully protected.

Do we really allow laws to say our most precious possessions, that is our wives and children, cannot be protected?

Some school employees, just as some airline employees, may not wish to own or carry handguns to work. I believe a few school employees would be willing to participate in their own protection and that of the people around them. Of course, we must change laws and insurance; institute requirements and supervision. A small allowance to cover the cost of training and certification would be reasonable.

Women activists have demanded the right of women to participate in military combat units because no one can reach the upper ranks without combat experience. It would be a good time to show a willingness to allow everyone to participate in their own defense.

-- KIRK C. WILLIAMS, Richland

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