'Should teachers be armed?' Fast Focus: Teachers teach, not shoot

January 20, 2013 

It was with disbelief I read that our state representative is vowing to introduce a bill to have teachers carry guns in the classroom.

I wonder where the kindergarten teacher will carry that weapon? Strapped on so that a curious student can reach for, and perhaps remove, the weapon? Or in the desk where someone looking for a pencil or marker could stumble upon the weapon? Or would the weapon be safely locked away, unloaded, and the teacher would have to have time -- after securing the classroom and the students -- to unlock and then load the weapon?

And would this teacher, whose livelihood is helping and nurturing young children or adolescents, then be ready to shoot to kill probably another young person? Mentally ready?

There must be other, more appropriate solutions. I certainly hope so because my family is full of teachers and none of them are ready to shoot another human being.

-- REBECCA JAY, Richland

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