'Should teachers be armed?' Fast Focus: Guns deter shooters

January 20, 2013 

How many times has a crazed gunman attacked a police or law enforcement facility? Wonder why there are very few such instances? Could it be that there are armed persons who might not take too kindly if they were attacked and therefore reply with deadly force? It seems these crazies go after institutions that are "gun free" knowing there will be little or no resistance.

Some folks want school teachers to be armed. I would support this idea under certain conditions. Any teacher, school administrator or staff should be allowed to carry a personal weapon while assigned to these gun-free zones. But, they must provide their own weapon, have undergone a weapons training and handling course and apply for a concealed carry permit. Those who comply with these criteria should remain anonymous. I'm certain there are teachers, administrators and staff who would be able to qualify and would welcome such an arrangement.

With all of the publicity these crazies receive, how long will it be before we experience another attack on a gun-free zone? Let's get the teachers and staff involved in providing the first line of defense.

-- D. SUTER, West Richland

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