'Should teachers be armed?' Fast Focus: Allowed, not forced

January 20, 2013 

Teachers should be "allowed" to be armed. A few armed teachers may have made a big difference during the school shooting in Connecticut.

If individuals contemplating a school shooting knew that they likely would meet opposition, they might change their minds. Armed teachers would provide a major deterrent to selecting schools as targets. They very likely could take out the shooters in those situations.

Teachers who choose to be armed should be required to obtain a concealed weapons permit including a reasonable background check, and participate in programs on gun safety and defensive use of their firearms. School districts should bear the cost of obtaining the permit and the required training.

There have been more than two dozen school shootings in the last 40 years. Right now our schools are seen as easy targets with no defense. Armed teachers who have been trained in the use of their weapons would change that perception.

I believe arming teachers is prudent and long overdue.


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