'Should teachers be armed?' Fast Focus: Not the teacher's place

January 20, 2013 

Should school teachers be armed? Absolutely not! Teachers are well trained to deal with all student problems by conferring with the parents or with the student's other teachers or with the principal. All are well trained to deal with student problems.

I taught school for 21 years and Sunday school for 40. My husband and I raised six children. One son is a retired Navy admiral who knows weapons well, but does not keep a gun in his home. Another son was drafted and served as a medic and ambulance driver because he didn't want to carry a gun. I was very proud of him. During WW II my husband was an executive officer of a rescue vessel that was on its way for the Japanese invasion when the U.S. bombed Japan ending the war. He has no use for guns either. We feel there is no place for guns in our homes or schools.

I believe the Sandy Hook school incident was basically caused by the mother of the shooter who was fascinated with her gun collection.


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