I can't even go to the gym ...

January 18, 2013 

It was a normal Friday morning. Read the paper, have breakfast and take the Body Pump class at the gym. It was cold outside, who was going to cause any trouble this early?

That would be the Tri-City Americans, who keep me on my toes on my days off and apparently this morning.

When I got around to looking at my tweets about noon, Eric Comrie was scheduled for surgery, Luke Lee-Knight was a starting goalie and Bob Tory was trying to make sure he has a No. 2 man on the bench while taking in a tournament in Alberta.

A few phone calls and I had it all straightened out. Now, I have to put it all together.

Eric seems to be taking it in stride, though I know this is hard for him. I could tell LLK was excited to take over the net, but this was not how he wanted it to happen. And Bob? Well, since we are past the WHL trade deadline, he cannot run out and sign a goalie, pick one up off waivers or pluck one out of thin air. He has two affiliate goalies — Troy Trombley, who is here now, and Evan Sarthou, who is but 15 years old.

But Tory has to have permission from their teams to bring them in. Can't break the rules (we must learn from Portland's mistakes). Trombley and Sarthou more than likely will be in and out of the Tri-Cities rest of the season.

The Kamloops Blazers are in town tonight. Get your tickets and settle in. It's going to be pretty interesting from here on out.

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