Letter: Vote for Pasco school bond not guaranteed

January 18, 2013 

In response to Sharon Rhodes letter on Jan. 12, I'm certainly not inclined to vote for a school bond so grandma can take her grandsons on vacation.

The driver for our decisions should always be doing what is best for our children, not vacations. We have just been brutalized by a national election, and thanks to President Obama, my taxes just increased. Our new governor, in all likelihood, will increase state taxes. My utility rate will probably increase this year. And now, because of poor planning on the Pasco School District's behalf, supporters want me to vote for a bond?

If families are going to leave because the bond does not pass, let them. Good luck on finding a city where there is no overcrowding in the schools. This is a desirable place to live in, and I believe families will continue to move here. Homes decrease in value because of the economy, not the schools. Please don't use that as an excuse for not planning properly for the future. In the meantime, what plans does the school district have to alleviate overcrowding now? None! Poor planning on the school district's part does not guarantee a vote on my part.


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