Letter: Killer weapons end up killing people

January 18, 2013 

Gun debateSandy Hook: Instead of mediating on the shame of it all, we talk about civil war, we lock and load and gun up so we feel comfortable that we can go to war with ourselves?

That sounds similar to Third World paranoia that translated sounds like, "Kill Americans." If that were to happen and by chance after 47 percent (about 148,000,000) of Americans are dead and perhaps paranoia wins the gun squabble, who would be the new ruler of what is left? The National Rifle Association leadership?

With the government and Constitution a bloody memory and the country in confusion and disarray, the first thing to do would be to confiscate all weapons because the new rulers, of all people, know what people can do if allowed to have weapons.

Third World. First World. When it comes to violence, we all live in the same world. Guns don't mass murder without people. No matter how your phrase it, it's still senseless murder.

The killer at Sandy Hook did kill the owner with her own weapons. If you have killer weapons, you have to use them, even if it's on yourself. So I guess talk is cheap; life is not -- but final; while principles are spendy.


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