Letter: Claims of FOX News bias better aimed at mainstream media

January 18, 2013 

Gary F. Booth (Letters, Jan. 1) decided to watch FOX News for a day to see if it had changed.

Changed to what? A typical mainstream media outlet where the line is blurred between what is news and what is opinion, where the progressive agenda has been spoon fed to us for so long that most people can't even recognize it, where 20 years ago you would never know a particular network anchors political leanings. But today it only takes a few minutes of watching to know the anchor's political bent, and if that isn't bad enough, they also openly champion causes they believe in.

I also watch other news channels just to get an opposing view, and the many colorful adjectives that Booth shared with us on his opinion of FOX News is also how I feel about his favorite channels. The difference is liberals like to shut down dissenting opinions because it goes against their narrative, whereas conservatives generally have no issues with an opposing view and welcome the debate. What is Booth worried about? By my count, including the alphabet channels, CNN and MSNBC, it's 5 against 1.


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