Letter: Remember federal siege of Ruby Ridge and Waco during gun debate

January 18, 2013 

But if we have to have it, let's start with the federal government. Talk about out-of-control use of weapons. Remember Ruby Ridge, Idaho, where the two FBI agents shot a 12-year-old boy in the back and killed him, then his mother, while they were running for home? How about Waco, Texas, where 78 men, women, children and babies died at the hands of the federal government?

Now the big one. Federal agents thought it would be a good idea to arm the Mexican drug cartel with thousand of weapons so all types were sent to Mexico. This has led to the killing of a lot of people, including one of our own border patrol agents. Then they run the big coverup.

Don't punish the average gun owner; let's start with the federal government. If it really wants to correct the problem, it should look in the mirror.

You cannot legislate human behavior, and to think you can is just an ostentatious display of ignorance. But then look who we are dealing with!


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