Letter: Criticism of FOX News long on allegations, short on specifics

January 16, 2013 

I was concerned by the letter from Gary Boothe on Jan. 1, "A day with FOX News." He claimed that FOX News contains lies, intimations, distortions, innuendo, cherry picking, and hate mongering and propagates hate and drivel.

For a while I thought he must have mistakenly tuned in to MSNBC. He claimed that FOX preaches hatred for liberals, President Obama, illegal aliens, black people, gay people, poor people, unions, science and the government.

Wow! I must admit that I watch the FOX news hours with Shepherd Smith and Bret Baier from time to time. I haven't been exposed to any of the things Boothe alleges.

He should have provided at least one specific example of the allegations against FOX. But it's just easier to use a broad brush to denigrate a person or news outlet. I for one take all the "news" regardless of the source with a lot of skepticism.

DAN SUTER, West Richland

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