Letter: Liberal anti-gun propaganda aimed at pappy's shotgun

January 16, 2013 

The liberals/progressives waited, salivating for the right crisis (as noted by Rahm Emanuel) to once again push their anti-Second Amendment laws. Shocking!

A new, so-called assault weapons/high-capacity magazine ban is now in order. High-capacity magazine ban? Two firearms on hand cancels that out. Ugly black guns in the hands of us little people? Pappy's old side-by-side double barrel shotgun puts more rounds down range with two pulls of the trigger than an AR-type rifle can put down range with 30 pulls of its trigger.

But when does facts or the truth matter to the left when it's counter to their agenda? And many Americans continue to believe the propaganda. It's for our safety. People think lawyers in government have their best interests in mind, but big government will eat them, too. Big governments always do.

Eventually, they will get all of our guns, including pappy's old side-by-side, largely because of ignorance based on the propaganda the left is notorious for, and apathy. Laws today are all about government control, regardless of the issue. These laws will not fix mental illness, young people on mind-altering medications, and/or a lack of morals.


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