Letter: Football costly for colleges

January 15, 2013 


I missed the deadline for the Fast Focus on college costs -- shucks. A year ago, I did a quick Google search on the salaries of college coaches. Absolutely shocking. The top 58 coaches all make more than $1 million -- Nick Sabin was around $6 million, Steve Sarkisian made $1,850,000, and Paul Wulff from WSU made a piddly $600,000.

The NCAA said only 14 out of 120 schools in its system made a profit from football. The rest drew from the general fund to support the teams -- and that's only football. If the coach gets paid that much, does the team get treated like kings?

The announcers at Sabin's recent bowl game said he would be silly to leave Alabama and go pro. He has a fat deal there. Guess how schools get the money to pay for those programs. You're right -- cut teachers pay and raise the tuition. That way the kids who want an education get to pay for the athletes schooling. WSU is spending millions on a new training building for the teams. Football is the most important subject in college, I guess. What do you think? Depends on if our getting or giving probably.

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