Letter: Delta High School a great opportunity

January 15, 2013 


My wife keeps telling me I wasn't a normal kid growing up. At a young age, I used my imagination drawing a lot of spaceships and dreamed of traveling in space (too many Buck Rogers movies).

I received a chemistry set in 8th grade (my eyes were opened). It didn't take long for me to go through all the experiments. I soon discovered I could make gunpowder with some of the stuff in my chemistry set (a big mistake). I was banned from my bedroom when some of it went off unexpectedly (my eyes were opened even more).

The neighborhood boys and I soon discovered pipe bombs (another big mistake). We made a lot of holes in the desert. Once, we managed to get our hands on a stick of dynamite and a blasting cap (a really, really big mistake). That experience cured me of my inquisitive high school period.

The call from Draft Board offered me the opportunity to go find myself in the Navy. The Navy offered some nuclear training (that really met my growing interest for something challenging). In time, I was able to attend college. This allowed me the chance to take a lot of math, physics, chemistry, engineering and other challenging courses. I only wish that I had the opportunity to attend a Delta High School back in my youth.

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