Study: Mineral water may help prevent Alzheimer's

Posted by Lucy Luginbill on January 14, 2013 

Baby boomers and seniors may be a bit concerned about going over the permanent "cliff" as each birthday brings thoughts of the final "day of reckoning." But more worrisome than the end of life is the possibility that before it occurs, we will already be long-gone mentally.

The very thought is enough to drive us to drink — which may be the answer we're hoping for.

A recent British study has found that drinking mineral water helps fight Alzheimer's disease.

According to a Newsmax magazine item, scientists have for years believed daily exposure to aluminum — a neurotoxin — is linked to the disease. They have also known that silicon can prevent aluminum buildup in the body. So, researchers decided to put an idea to the test.

A report in The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease says, "… we are testing the hypothesis that silicon-rich mineral waters can be used as non-invasive methods to reduce the body burden of aluminum in individuals with Alzheimer's disease and a control group consisting of their carers and partners."

During the research, patients with Alzheimer's drank a liter of silicon-rich water every day for 12 weeks.

"At the end of the study, their aluminum levels were all significantly reduced," reports Newsmax. "Of 15 Alzheimer's victims, eight showed no further deterioration in their cognitive abilities."

That kind of good news is enough to send any boomer or senior shopping for mineral water.

The brand used in the study isn't available in the United States, but there is a silicon-rich bottled water that should work just as well. FIJI comes in a 6-pack liter and has 45 milligrams of silicon. Mail Online provides an equation for determining the level of silicon in other brands.

In the end, what may be the most exciting information coming out of this study is that some of the Alzheimer's patients actually showed IMPROVEMENT in their mental health.

Boomers and seniors ... let’s drink to that!

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