Letter: Unending saturnalia in America

January 14, 2013 

TED EGGAN, Kennewick

There is good and there is evil. The unending saturnalia of America has chosen to make a mockery of what is good and embrace and glorify that which is evil and self-serving. Anarchy and butchery are what we are reaping.

The only thing that will turn America around is national repentance, which simply means to realize we are thinking wrongly and choose to change the way we think.

On the practical level, maybe parents can choose to stop their unending pursuit of entertainments, possessions and pleasures and, instead, invest their time and energies in building a stronger family unit. Maybe parents can start their children on the right road by returning their recent Christmas presents of music, games and movies that glorify anarchy and butchery, and instead tell their children the real story of Christmas -- the story of the birth of a man who spent and gave his live for the betterment of the world.

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