Fast Focus: Prepare the students

January 13, 2013 

-- CONNOR KREUTZ, Richland

All of the talk of making college affordable may be well intentioned, but I think there is a much simpler fix. Instead of making college more affordable for students, why don't we make students better prepared for college? Better-prepared students are eligible for more scholarships and tuition discounts. Not to mention, more college preparation would only improve the college experience of each student. Instead of trying to help an entire population of students, why not give each student the opportunity to better prepare for college? That gives the student the responsibility to succeed.

As a high school student, I see many of my peers complain about how expensive college is as they tune out the teacher and neglect homework. They are then distraught when they are not awarded the scholarships they applied for as if they even had a chance with a sub-par GPA and a personal statement essay that was thrown together in five minutes.

If students were better educated about what is required to gain admission to college and to be awarded scholarships, I don't believe the cost of college would be such a quandary for America's college-bound.

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