Letter Best: Platinum idea

January 13, 2013 


I think that minting a $1 trillion platinum coin is a great way to pay off our $14 trillion debt, but don't stop with just one coin.

This would be a great collector's item. Let's print one million of them. That way if we could just find 14 million people to buy one for $1 million, then the debt would be paid in full. It might be hard to find that many people who could pay $1 million, so what if 14,000 people were to buy one for $1 billion.

Better yet, mint one billion coins and sell them for $14,000 each or one trillion coins and sell them for only $14 each.

Who could pass up such a deal? And in only 50 years the value of platinum has increased over 1,600 percent. At that rate just think what the coin will be worth in say another 1,000 years or even another 100 years.

We could even give them to China to pay the debt that we owe. How could they refuse such a deal?

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