Rolling disaster

January 12, 2013 


I am glad that the United Auto Workers are finally being compelled to address their role in the tragedies and bloodshed gripping our country.

Shame on the UAW for fueling a national love affair with the automobile. Shame on the UAW for producing so-called "sports" cars capable of exceeding any posted speed limit two or three times over. No one "needs" that kind of horsepower, yet the UAW fosters a culture in which insecure men purchase these rolling death machines for the sake of an ego boost.

And before we yield to the usual outcry over "rights," let us consider the costs. Automobiles are used as getaway vehicles in homicides, robberies and other violent crimes. Cars and trucks are routinely operated by intoxicated individuals, distracted teenagers and untrained drivers who endanger themselves and others.

Speeding automobiles have struck crowds of pedestrians. Tens of thousands of Americans are killed by automobiles every year. Yet the assembly lines keep rolling.

The UAW should apologize to the nation and accept responsibility for our crisis of vehicular violence. Now is the time to act. If even one life could be saved by a ban on certain automobiles, the sacrifice would be worth it.

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