Hazardous waste

January 11, 2013 

DAN SLAGLE, Richland

I would like to comment on the Jan. 8 editorial on illegal dumping. It inferred that when we toss an empty can of spray paint in the trash we're doing it because ignorance or belligerence.

I would suggest that it is not the citizens who are being ignorant and belligerent but the local governments that are not providing an adequate facility for disposing of hazardous waste.

Twice a year, there is a hazardous waste event at the fairgrounds. Our local officials expect us to save our empty paint can until one of these events occur, keep this weekend open on our schedule and then drive to the fairgrounds on the outskirts of Kennewick.

They will then accept our paint can if they haven't reached their limit by the time we get there.

Since the hazardous waste facility at the Richland landfill was destroyed by fire, the local governments have stalled on providing a hazardous waste facility. Until the local governments provide a hazardous waste site that is open on a regular basis and is centrally located, they are the ones responsible for hazardous waste going to the landfills.

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