Senior fitness

January 10, 2013 


I'm 80 years old and in pretty good shape, except some residual effects from prior cardio-vascular operations and some respiratory problems.

However, I felt that I was going downhill because of gluttony and sloth, so I hunted for some program that would help mitigate these evil entities. I found what I sought in Pasco.

I'd like to offer my thanks to the Pasco Senior Center for offering a fitness program designed specifically for aging adults over 40. This program is developed and managed by the University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center and others, so it has some scientific validity.

Our instructor Kristen Fifer guides us through an excellent program three days a week that consists of about 30 minutes of low impact aerobics and 30 minutes of strength training, flexibility, balance and stretching.

I have only been going for about a month, but I'm already feeling the benefits. If more ambulatory seniors would avail themselves of a program such as this, I believe that their lives would be better and our Medicare deficits would be less.

Anyway, I have, and my life is better thanks to Kristen and the Pasco Senior Center for making it possible.

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