Carried away

January 10, 2013 


I am one of the many residents who was buried in tumbleweeds after the big windstorm. I was contemplating burning that huge pile when I got an email from Douglas Brown of our homeowners association.

The city of Kennewick had arranged for a Dumpster to be dropped in our neighborhood and moved around to collect the massive amount of tumbleweeds.

After a call to the city, a Dumpster was deposited in front of my house. I was able to move all the tumbleweeds to the edge of my yard, and a work crew from Benton County showed up and filled the Dumpster with my tumbleweeds. There were many more Dumpsters and piles all over our neighborhood that went away that day.

So, I would like to thank the city of Kennewick, Waste Management, Benton County, our own Douglas Brown and the work crew, which even though they had to be there, made those tumbleweeds fly. It must have taken a lot of coordination to make this happen, and we really appreciate the effort. It was a lot safer than me trying to burn them all!

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