Secret Santa

January 10, 2013 

PAUL GESSEL, Kennewick

Christmas Eve, I answered the door to find a kind woman with a big smile wishing my family a Merry Christmas and handing me a card. Not recognizing her, I assumed it was someone my wife, Hillary, knew and I thanked her as she quickly departed.

My wife was upstairs tending to the baby, but I figured the card would say the name of our visitor. To my surprise, I found only a note from "Santa" and a large sum of money. I quickly ran to the window, but the visitor was gone. I called to my wife and the boys and I tried to describe our visitor. No one could figure out who it was.

We hope that our mystery visitor reads this and knows just how much of a blessing her visit was. She taught us all about the good in the world. Also, the money is a big help as we face some costly health-related expenses. As a family, we will have to figure out how to pay this kind act forward to someone else. Thank you.

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