Pasco school bond: Yes

January 9, 2013 

ROBIN HAY, Richland

On Feb. 12, Pasco voters will have the opportunity to approve a bond to build three new elementary schools.

Robinson Elementary was the last school to open in Pasco in 2005. Since then, Pasco has enrolled more than 2,983 new elementary and middle school students. The impact of that enrollment has been absorbed into the schools to date through creative use of space and additional portable classrooms.

However, the current space is full and room for portables is minimal. Every school in Pasco is overcrowded, some more so than others. At McGee Elementary, nearly as many students are housed outside of the building in portable classrooms as inside the brick and mortar structure. McGee was built for 500 students, but now 920 students attend.

Those students receive a quality education, but the building cannot continue to support more students. Now is the time to build schools! Interest rated are low and the state has set aside matching money to lower the burden on local taxpayers. Pasco cares for kids. Support Pasco students by voting yes.

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