A fresh start

January 9, 2013 

K.C. KUYKENDALL, Waitsburg

"It's a sign of the times ..." we hear and say. A lament in observance of all that we don't particularly agree with. Gun control, national debt, fashion, music, language, and love -- all draw ample commentary, replete with emotion and often lacking in facts. The irony of course is that this criticism comes equally from opposing views on the same issue. Both young and old, conservative and liberal, religious and atheist alike claim this judgmental position as their own; neither admitting flawed perspective; both claiming moral superiority, albeit from differing authorities.

With the coming of a new year I am expecting more from myself. I should engage vigorously, but armed with sufficient information on important issues affecting my family and my community. I'm learning to ask more questions before jumping to conclusions, a discipline that has served me well in the home, the church, at work, and in my civic duties. It's not an excuse for apathy, nor a substitute for decisive leadership. It's applied wisdom vs. boisterous enthusiasm.

My goal this year is to have ears to hear the whole-truth, eyes to see things from an eternal perspective, and a tongue to speak words that are beneficial to others.

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