Abolish the Davis-Bacon

January 8, 2013 


Quit screwing around with taxation, credits and stimulus spending. Follow the government's lead with how little doctors and medical facilities can charge Medicare and Medicaid for services and equipment.

Abolish the Davis-Bacon act for government contractors by forcing them to pay their employees 50 percent less than what they earn on a private project, and depending on what equipment is used, schedule how little they can bill the government. Dictate to Boeing and all defense manufacturers that they must pay their employees 50 percent less for building our military weapons and vehicles and charge the government less than what they charge the airlines and cruise lines for airplanes, ships and automobiles. Oh, and let's not forget to reduce the benefits for members of Congress. Provide them with benefits while they are active public servants and encourage them to leave by eliminating retirement benefits so they have an incentive to leave and go back to real jobs to earn a living and save.

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