Pasco school bond: Yes

January 7, 2013 


We believe Pasco is a wonderful community to reside in. It's obvious others agree as more houses are being built and the population continues to grow. Pasco School District's enrollment has grown by more than 80 percent since 2000. The increase of students has been accommodated through the construction of new schools and the addition of portable classrooms. The infrastructure at the most overcrowded schools is reaching its capacity to support additional portables and there is no more space to add them. The district needs to build schools now to accommodate the students it currently serves and the children the new housing will bring. If the bond passes, the district will receive $38.1 million from the state in matching construction dollars.

We know times are tough, but failure to pass the school bond would be bad for Pasco business and all Pasco residents. If the bond fails, then the district will have to move to either multi-track year round or double shift operation at the most overcrowded elementary schools.

You can learn more about the upcoming bond by accessing information at

Show Pasco's children you care by voting yes for the Pasco School District construction bond on Feb. 12.

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