Anti-gun agenda

January 6, 2013 

RICK McFALL, Kennewick

Ever since the tragedy in Connecticut, and the so-called Obama plan to focus attention on all fronts, the only topic being discussed is gun control. What a shocker! Democrats always take advantage of a tragedy to foster their agenda.

My guns had no place in the tragedy. Neither did the guns of the millions of law-abiding gun owners. But those millions and myself would be affected and controlled. If you can take away guns from the law-abiding, the crazies and the bad guys will still have guns. If one teacher in that school was armed, some lives might have been saved.

Since Connecticut, several gun control articles appeared in the Tri-City Herald. One day I counted three. The liberal media is fueling the fire for gun control, helping the Democrats to further their anti-gun agenda. In states looking to ban guns, the charge is being led by a Democratic politician.

Most will conclude that my guns rights need to go away. If we really are to become a gunless society, government will have the power, absolutely. Can government be trusted, state or federal, with that much power? Level heads will not prevail in this debate, unfortunately.

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