Liberals of all stripes

January 6, 2013 

Who can we blame for the economic mess we are in? Three come to mind first thing. Our liberal president, the liberal Democratic leadership in the Senate and the liberal Republican leadership in the House.

The definition of negotiating a compromise for the president and the Democratic leadership is, "my way or the highway," and they are all lemmings. Whatever the leader says must be true, no questions allowed. The Republican leaderships first response is, "This is what I want. But if you do not go for it, your idea does not sound all that bad."

The liberals also have the idea that we can "cut spending, especially in those areas mandated by the Constitution, by billions and we will be OK spending trillions. That is the way to get on top of things. The idea is that if we run out of money, we can still spend even more."

They have never learned that "when there isn't any, ain't nobody getting any." That means, when more is promised than can be delivered, then those who were promised a soft life could wind up looking for blood. I would expect the violence to come from the "occupy" group. It has shown how it would respond. The Tea Party has not been looking for handouts, and if it were violent, the news media would have shared it with us for hours at a time. No, I do not belong.

A large part of the problem is also because of operating on an arbitrary base. The budget for programs automatically increases to factor in an expected rate of inflation. Whenever adult politicians propose a cut in the rate, childish liberals scream that the adults want to destroy certain programs. If there is a decrease in inflation, the raise is expected remain the same. The base should at least start as zero and increased only if needed.

Liberals of both parties enjoy "fiscal cliffs" because every thing "needs" to be settled now. "We don't have time to consider what the problem is now. Let's work on the symptoms." And we have only a few out of work, if we do not count those who give up looking for work as unemployed. If we can discourage everyone from looking for work, we will have zero unemployed.

Liberals of both parties think of taxing as the only source of revenue.

-- BILL HANSEN, Othello

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