U.N. corrupt

January 4, 2013 

LEON HOWARD, West Richland

Nelsina Roberts (Letters, Dec. 18) wants to repair the United Nations building because it is a "beacon of hope for world peace." When? In 1948, when the U.N. recreated Israel and war between the Arabs and Jews? In 1950, when we fought the Korean War? From 1959-75, when the Vietnam war claimed 1,100,000 military lives -- "World peace?" Anything but!

We'd be better off singing Kumbaya. The U.N. can never be more than a cesspool of corruption because every nation with a two-bit dictator is a member and they are after one thing -- money. Money from the wealthier nations but not to better the lives of their people but to line their own pockets and the pockets of their loyal toadies.

Roberts has hope that countries will learn to "walk in peace." There is more hope in the idea that the people of all nations build those bonds between the people of other nations to secure peace in the world. That goal is not attainable through the U.N. and Roberts' own words tell us why: "pick good delegates."

Delegates are "picked" by the government sending them so they represent the interests of that government, and it is never for the benefit of the people.

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