Green Power evicted from Big Pasco Industrial Park

By Kristi Pihl, Tri-City HeraldJanuary 3, 2013 

Green Power has been evicted from the Port of Pasco's Big Pasco Industrial Park after not paying its rent.

But Green Power CEO Michael Spitzauer still is asking the port to let him continue to lease the space.

Port commissioners told Spitzauer last week that they will consider a new lease for his unfinished biofuels plant only if he pays the port more than $570,000 by Jan. 10. But they have made no promises about granting a new lease.

That would cover the almost $234,000 Spitzauer owes the port after a Franklin County Superior Court summary judgment. The judgment doubles the unpaid rent for September, October and November and covers the port's attorney costs and utility fees.

The port began eviction proceedings when Spitzauer failed to pay $233,867 due Sept. 1.

Spitzauer's agreement with the port requires him to pay six months of rent before a lease begins. The port began requiring the prepayment because of Spitzauer's issues in the past with late payments.

Randy Hayden, the port's director of planning and engineering, said the $570,000 also would cover an increased security deposit and six months rent for the new lease Spitzauer proposes.

Spitzauer had asked port commissioners to allow him to continue to lease from the port if he paid four months rent instead of the judgment and six months rent for a new lease, Hayden said.

Spitzauer told the Herald by email that he intends to pay the port and continue to lease port property.

Hayden said the port formally evicted Green Power on Dec. 26, when port locks were placed on the doors.

Spitzauer also owes about $20 million to investors and a former employee, according to court records.

He has yet to pay fines from the Department of Ecology and the Department of Labor & Industries. He cannot apply for a permit to finish the biofuels plant until he pays the $42,000 he owes Ecology. He owes Labor & Industries more than $28,000, which includes unpaid wage claims.

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