Judges rule

January 3, 2013 

DAVE LEE, Kennewick

We often pay homage to our police and firefighters, and deservedly so. They often put their lives on the line for our welfare. But there is another group of folks who rarely garner the thanks or attention they deserve.

Members of our judiciary make decisions that are critical to those affected. Of course, they are fed by a group of attorneys who are all persuasive in their own right.

Making decisions when you have equally believable positions takes courage, integrity and genuine insightfulness. These decisions have far-ranging impacts on many folks.

When we go into the courtroom, there is a reason we call him or her, "your honor." We should respect these folks; they may have your best interests in their hands. So take a moment and thank a judge for his or her efforts and decisions. While we may not always agree with the results, we should realize it is a difficult and demanding job.

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