SPORTS 2012: A recap through poetry

Tri-City HeraldJanuary 2, 2013 

We’re getting ready to start, the year of 2013.

But before we look ahead, here’s a few things we’ve seen.

The year that was, Mid-Columbia style.

Enough good sports to make you smile.

It started off rough, the Seahawks struggling.

Failing to reach .500, as they played out the string.

Still a second-half surge, was plenty of reason,

to enjoy Beast Mode, and look forward to next season.

Cougar football fans cheer, the hiring of Leach,

while the Huskies fire Holt, to fill defensive breach.

UW tabs a new coordinator, and he brings a familiar face.

Former Wa-Hi star Peter Simon, is back in his home place.

The Americans are on a run, and the fans feel nice.

The only thing cool at Toyota Center, is the rink made of ice.

The Ams win 13 straight, and are tops in the WHL.

Rimmer’s closed off the net, while Shinny’s goal total swells.

On the boys basketball scene, Richland fans look back,

to the 1972 Bombers, who were a AAA Class act.

But Neill and Teverbaugh, and other greats of the past,

will have to make way for new memories that will last.

The Braves boys are rolling, and all is well at Kamiakin

with En’Wezoh and Pedley, playing above the rim.

And on the girls courts, Khadidja has a big night;

48 points for Kamiakin, and out go the lights.

On the wrestling mats, Chiawana scores a big pin,

knocking off Moses Lake, with a district title to win.

Six Washington matmen, are as good as advertised,

getting their arm raised, to claim their big prize.

But none could top, a Hermiston wrestler’s bravado,

as into the four-timers club, goes Joey Delgado.

Amid all the local news, this one national quirk:

Russell Wilson headed for NFL. Wonder how that will work.

Karissa Shiflet proves the tops, at knocking down pins;

the Class 3A bowling title, the Kennewick junior wins.

Southridge freshmen Kiya Bjorge, makes a big score,

winning state gymastics titles, in all-around, vault and floor.

And then there’s Nick Connors, Richland distance dude,

winning the 500 free, in the Federal Way state pool.

The Mid-Columbia Conference, is voted into being.

Now their Tri-City neighbors, teams mostly will be seeing.

So long Moses Lake, see you later Ike.

No more Wenatchee, glad not to make that hike.

From Big Nine to CBL, CBL to CBBN

Lets hope we don’t have, alphabet soup ever again.

Back on the hardwood, Richland boys to state once more.

But the big hoops story? Kennewick’s second berth since ’44.

Not so fast the WIAA says, celebratory balloons don’t loosen.

The only state we’re sure of, is one of confusion.

The teams to be sure of, are the ones called the Braves.

The top-ranked boys and unbeaten girls, are drawing state raves.

But the girls lose their opener, and end without a place.

While the boys reach the semis, and finish fifth in the race.

Back in the Tri-Cities, CBC’s women are on the rise.

For sweeping through the NWAACC, a big gold ball is their prize.

Katherine Samuels wins MVP, amid all her teammates’ cheers.

While coach Cheryl Holden, wins her third title in eight years.

Amid the madness of March, the Ams are best in U.S.

With a fourth title in five years, pride swells their chest.

The Americans top Spokane, a big playoff hurdle.

But Portland tough in OT, and Ams’ title hopes curdle.

Still there’s good news in the Tri, for Shinny played well,

And Four Broncos proclaim, he’s tops in the WHL.

Prosser’s Kellen Moore, now done at Boise State,

hopes the NFL will take notice, maybe draft him late.

But the picks come and go, and leave his dreams dyin’.

So Moore takes the free-agent path, and sets out to be a Lion.

At the Pasco Invite, it’s Heiden’s big day:

Tops in 200 and 400, and anchors winning relays.

Just a sign of the times, for Kamiakin’s sports teams,

which win a state track title, and everything else it seems.

Braves baseball under pressure, is as cold as ice,

while the softball team is perfect, behind Lindsey Kamphuis.

It’s a big spring all around, with titles in golf and track.

But one big loss stands out: Richland’s Jacobs not coming back.

When it comes time to name, the best in our sports world,

it’s Matt Hadley for the boys, and Ellie Heiden for the girls.

Football takes wing, when the game moves indoors,

and the Tri-Cities Fever are four on the floor.

The players go out fast, start up 9-and-oh.

But the winning streak stops, when to Dakota they go.

Still they finish the year, with an Intense win.

Another loss to the Storm, and it’s second again. Heat beat the Thunder, LeBron is NBA great.

Didn’t you used to be the Sonics? ... Oh ... wait.

Bratton, Roberts and Ruiz, take aim at nation’s best.

The Olympic swimming trials, prove quite a test.

When it comes to the M’s, it’s the same ol’ story.

No hitting, no winning, but pitchers get the glory.

For suddenly no-hit, means the hurlers will nix

opposing hitters’ bats, and its perfecto for Felix.

When July trades are made, and it’s good-bye Ichiro.

The M’s historic hitter is dealt, and to the Bronx he must go.

The hydros hit town, and the river is a-thunder,

with a main event finish, that makes racing fans wonder.

Oh no! they shout, as Oh Boy! starts too fast,

and Shane picks his spot, passing Kelly at the last.

The Dust Devils at Gesa, make for summer fun.

Winning comes easy at home, as they make a 10-game run.

Just one little problem, they can’t win on the road.

And an inconsistent summer, makes for August woes.

Hope Solo dancing, writing and now a wife

Since she left Richland, she’s had a busy life

But through all the strife, she’s been nothing but bold

And last summer in London, another Olympic gold

Now the fall rolls around, and it’s back to football.

Time to start playing in, this new league called Mid-Col.

Turns out the runners, are ripe on the vine.

Hoe, Ramos and Diaz, all play DeVine.

But when it comes to state titles, it’s the small-school way.

Liberty Christian is perfect, and celebrates Patriots’ Day.

On the cross country trail, there’s more reason to smile

as Tri-Cities Prep boys, win their third straight title.

And Kamiakin runners, are up to the test,

doubling up on seconds, puts them among the best.

Back in the pool, it’s Bratton they cheer.

Two 4A state titles, and swimmer of the year.

On the volleyball court, Southridge has all the fun,

claiming third at state, the first trophy for the Suns.

On the college grid, WSU fans are down.

But a win in the Cup, spreads the misery around.

Meanwhile in Seattle, things are looking up.

The Seahawks are playing well, behind some rookie QB pup.

His name’s Russell Wilson. Hmm, does that ring a bell?

With Lynch back in Beast Mode, looks like all will be well.

So here’s hoping this new year, turns out like the last.

Just better in some places, and maybe not go by so fast.

Merry New Year.

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