'Awesome Race' to raise money for Walla Walla charities


What would the "Amazing Race" look like if it came through the Valley?

Organizers of a new daylong competition coming late February think they have an idea.

They're spreading the word and looking for participants for "The Awesome Race: Walla Walla."

More than a dozen businesses have teamed up to create the event, which will serve both as a fun, competitive diversion for participants and also a fundraiser for local charities.

The prize: Designated charities of the top three teams will take home winnings that come from entry fees to participate.

Teams will pay $60 to enter. Of that, $50 will go to the winning teams' charities. The other $10 will be used for T-shirts and administration of the race. The top team's charity will get 75 percent of the pot, while 15 percent goes to the second-place team and 10 percent to the third.

Teams of two -- 16 and older -- will compete against one another. The event takes place all day Feb. 23, starting at 9 a.m.

Just as with the television show, teams will be eliminated throughout the day until three remain. To learn more or to register, visit thesweetputt.com/awesomeraceww.html.

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