Board's decision

January 2, 2013 


Recently there has been several articles concerning the Richland School Board's suspension (with pay) of school Superintendent Jim Busey. Busey has been suspended while being investigated for personal activities seemingly not related to Mr. Busey's performance as superintendent. One article implied that the school board is concerned about the upcoming bond issue because a person has threatened the bond issue unless the "right thing is done."

What is unclear is whether Busey has done anything wrong or illegal, or if he has violated the terms of his contract. If Busey's personal life has negatively affected his performance (it apparently hasn't), or if he has violated the terms of his contract (unclear at this point) then he should be fired.

However, if this is a question of someone's sensibilities being offended by Busey's personal life then they should mind their own business. If an individual in a leadership role on the bond issue has threatened or implied that they would sabotage the bond issue than that person should be replaced.

If Busey is dismissed and paid the remainder of his contract I know that I will not support the proposed bond issue under the management of the current Richland School Board.

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