Fight gun control

January 2, 2013 


This letter is about the tragedy at a Connecticut school. This was one of the worst things I have heard about in years.

I am writing about the gun control all the liberals are yelling for. It is a do-nothing law, a feel-good law that they would write doing away with guns as they will not get them back and can't really stop the illegal use of the ones stolen or swiped from the FBI and others.

What they need to do is arm the teachers who want to carry a gun so they can put these idiots down who violate the law of murder. There is no higher crime than killing someone, so do they think a gun law is going to stop them? No, it won't. It is a liberal feel-good law that they take away a gun from a law-abiding citizen.

These guns are not assault weapons, because they fire semi-automatic and not full auto. They are used for hunting both varmints and big game, depending on the caliber.

Fight these new laws with all you have.

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