Horrendous evil

January 2, 2013 


What a horrendous show of evil. Shooting small children who present no threat, no danger, no threat of any kind.

I agree, we should look at banning assault-type weapons. But let us take a look at other issues as well. Let's look into how we treat, (or don't treat) those with mental issues. Should they be allowed to live among us until they commit an act such as this?

I know a family that recently went though something like this. The family tried for years to have their son committed, to no avail. He recently killed his father because God told him he had to do it.

One more thing. Is it necessary to constantly repeat the gory details on a 24-hour basis, even when the facts are not known? Is it really that important to be first with the news? What kind of reporter questions 6- and 7-year-olds on national TV about how they feel and what they remember seeing when their friends were killed before their very eyes?

If I were a parent in that situation, I would be in jail for assaulting a reporter.

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