Well armed

January 2, 2013 


The recent tragedy in Connecticut was horrible. It shouldn't surprise me that immediately after, someone screams, "Ban guns."

Our nation has had the Second Ammendment for more than 200 years. Most homes across America have had some weapon or another most of that time. In fact, if all hunters joined together in one place today, you would have the single largest, most well-armed army in the world. Guns are not the problem.

What has changed in America that has caused so many deaths from violence in the last 50 years? It wasn't the introduction of weapons. It isn't joblesness or driven by the economy. These things have been a part of America since America began.

As a nation, we have quit going to church. We quit believing and serving a higher power. Without fear of or desire to please a higher power, we have turned to ourselves for direction and comfort. The result is boys acting out horrible fantasies of bloodshed. And adults thinking they can live opposed to the law and get away with it.

They asked if I am ready to talk gun control. My response, "Are you ready to talk prayer?"

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