Gift of hope

January 1, 2013 


Daniel Stowens (Letters, Dec. 19) seemed quite concerned about the young women going to Ndola, Zambia, through an organization called Seeds of Hope to offer what they can to those children who are suffering from AIDs and other diseases. These women are sharing their precious talents in any way they can. One of the women going to Ndola is a registered nurse who has spent several years working for the Hospice At The Chaplaincy. She is going with the intent to offer her services in any way she is directed by those who are treating the children and their parents.

When these women step onto the grounds of the facility in Ndola, there will be a true feeling of love and charity that will be felt by those children. They will know that there are people, who live far beyond the boundary of their world, who really do care for their well being. People who are willing to come from far away, at great sacrifice to themselves, to share their love and their talents with those in Ndola. I applaud these women and their spirits. I will continue to look forward to true love being offered all around the world by people who understand the true spirit of giving.

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