A day with FOX News

January 1, 2013 


I do some weird things sometimes, and I recently decided to watch FOX News for a day. It was an experiment to see if network had changed over the years. I chose a day to watch FOX News when my wife was absent because she tends to throw stuff whenever she views the channel.

Watching the so-called news network was difficult. The lies, intimations, distortions, innuendo, cherry picking, and hate mongering were still there. I was profoundly dismayed that FOX still propagates such hate and drivel, and that there are probably so many viewers still swayed by it.

Americans have the right to preach hatred for liberals, Obama, illegal aliens, black people, gay people, poor people, unions, science, the government or whatever. But why should we allow a political right wing conglomerate to claim it is providing "news" when the obvious intent is to propagate hate for the aforementioned? Can't we require FOX News to change the name to FOX Propaganda? And why is the legitimate media, like CNN, or the Tri-City Herald for example, not exposing the obvious lies and distortions of FOX News? Do they fear offending the powerful right wing?

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