Fiscal cliff

January 1, 2013 

JIM SNYDER, Richland

The scare tactics being put out regarding the fiscal cliff don't do justice to the problem. The news media claimed the Bush tax cuts were for the wealthy when implemented in 2003. Now, the spin on the Bush tax cuts expiring is that the middle class will suffer the most.

A solution to our deficit problem is needed, not just a patch to slow the massive bleeding. If we go over the "fiscal cliff," we the people would pay $500 billion in additional taxes each year. That reduces the annual deficit to a still unsustainable $700 billion from $1,200 billion.

It's time to treat the root cause of Congress using our money plus anything they can borrow to give us "free stuff" so we will vote for them. The Senate should pass a balanced budget and not one that sacrifices the defense of our country on the altar of entitlements. Reduce spending to historic norms.

Motivate the politicians to do what is right for the country. Establish a constitutional amendment to limit politicians to one term unless the budget is balanced. A budget surplus of $100 billion per year will pay off the $16 trillion deficit in just 160 years.

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