Erosion of liberty

December 31, 2012 


The recent shooting in Connecticut was a horrible tragedy, and I think everyone in this country wished it wouldn't have happened.

We have not yet seen the full fallout from this heinous act, but I predict that there will be another victim that can be added to the list. This victim will be the erosion of freedom, as surely as the tide will crash upon the shores, our right to own firearms will be diminished further.

I see letters asking for more restrictive gun laws, saying how easy it is to get a gun now, but do people really know what or how many laws are already out there?

There are approximately 20,000 guns laws on the books when you consider federal, state and local laws throughout the country, with Connecticut having some of the most restrictive. We don't need more laws. We need to address much deeper issues and problems in our society that can make a monster like this.

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