Refuse to participate

December 30, 2012 

DON GRAZZINI, West Richland

I have just a couple of observations about the recent wave of psychopathic atrocities. There is something that you can do personally to discourage this kind of behavior. Just say no. I refuse to participate in the media feeding frenzy that always accompanies these events.

My goal is not learn the name of the perpetrator, not to memorize his stats and not to see any interviews where his neighbors tell me how quiet he was.

I already know that our underfunded mental health care system does a lousy job of identifying and dealing with dangerous psychopaths. I already know that anyone who carries out one of these brutal attacks is saying, "Hey look at me! You're going to remember me now!" Well not if I can help it.

I'm not saying to pretend this didn't happen. I'm just saying that the more attention you pay to these people the more you give them what they want. You don't discourage a behavior by rewarding it. Granted, recent nut jobs have ended up dead but there are others like them out there and the lesson might not be lost on them.

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