Washington stalemate

December 30, 2012 

RON MASHBURN, West Richland

For a time, I couldn't see, but now it's starting to make sense. What is important in Washington, D.C., is the preservation of the party at all cost. Never mind that they may take us over a cliff of no return, financially put us in bad way with the rest of the world, cause all sorts of hardships in our own economy -- these are small issues.

What is important is to save the party first and foremost. Neither side is going to give in if it reflects bad on the party. If we find ourselves in a recession or depression with hyperinflation in about two years, it's OK.

We can take comfort in knowing we have Republicans and Democrats, and boy can they kick things around. They're good debaters, and they dress pretty sharp and they live pretty good. It comforts me. What does it do for you?

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