Victims remembered

December 30, 2012 


Part of me died on Dec. 14. Part of everyone died that day, and those who disagree just haven't taken the time to think about it. While we can think about the horrors or discuss the pros and cons of various forms of gun control, I think that there is something valuable that you shouldn't miss: the memory of those who are now no longer with us.

I imagined myself back in the first grade, back at Benjamin Bubb Elementary School. As an assignment, I took it upon myself to draw all of those who were taken from us in that one unconscionable incident -- not how an adult would but how I imagined they would have wanted to be portrayed. Taking the time to find out more of them really humanized them for me. I never wanted their memory to be a mere number.

If you are web-savvy and feel like typing into your browser, you can see how I imagined them looking (with much artistic liberty taken on my part and intended purely with love).

I prefer to remember them this way.

Help for mentally ill

I will not ask you to sign a petition or politicize the national tragedy of the Connecticut massacre. There are too many doing that on Facebook and other venues. How do you petition evil? You don't.

As for gun control, I've spent too many years (as a civilian contractor from 2006 to 2011) in Afghanistan and Iraq to have someone take away my Second Amendment right to bear arms. I've personally seen too many dictators overseas who keep their people captive. Our Second Amendment rights make sure we don't have dictators. The moment you take that from a people is the moment they become sheep.

There's a reason the right to bear arms is the Second Amendment -- almost the first but not quite. You don't have a First Amendment without the Second Amendment.

The real question in this tragedy is what do we do with the severely mentally ill? Now that we have free medical care, does that mean we can get some real help for the mentally ill?



Not enough guns

Guns are to blame in the Connecticut shooting, yes, but because there were not enough guns. If even one teacher was packing, there would be far fewer children in graves and one horrific shooter with a lot more bullets in him a lot sooner.

It's time to get real. The school is a gun-free zone. This makes it defenseless. So, they want to make the U.S. a gun-free nation. Smart. Just great for those that will acquire guns anyway to do their evil.

Guns should not be issued to everyone, that is for sure. Background checks, yes. Strong prison terms when guns are used to commit crimes. Definitely. There are things we can do.

Government gun control over U.S. citizens is not one of them.



Short take

Guns don't kill people.

People with guns kill people.



Intrusive media

In the wake of the terrible tragedy in Newtown, Conn., in addition to the overwhelming loss and sorrow, I am struck by the crush of the media.

Think of what these poor people are dealing with. I'm disgusted by the initial reporting of unverified, untrue information and I'm disgusted by reporters thrusting microphones at any and every citizen with whom they make contact. I say leave these people alone to grieve in private.



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